Converting LAZ to LAS files

LAZ files are a compressed LiDAR data format and are often used when transferring large amounts of LiDAR data. In New Brunswick, GeoNB uses this format to provide open source LiDAR data through its website. For ESRI users, LAZ files need to be converted to LAS files before they can be analyzed in ArcGIS. For those using ArcGIS Pro, LAZ files can be viewed without converting them. These instructions describe how to covert LAZ files using the open source LASzip tools developed by Martin Isenburg.

  1. Download LASzip: Go to and download the exe file located in the Background section
  2. Save the file to the directory where the LAZ files are located
  3. Using windows command prompt, navigate to where the exe and LAZ files are located
  4. Type: laszip *.laz
  5. All of the LAZ files will now be converted to LAS files and saved in the same directory with the same file name but with the LAS extension

More detailed instructions can be found by those provided by GeoNB here.


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