Detailed Hydrographic Maps of New Brunswick

Inspired by Joy Charbonneau’s, Hydrographic Map of Canada, I’ve created a series of 7 maps showing the waterways of New Brunswick. Charbonneau’s map beautifully illustrates the waterways of Canada but at a country wide scale it omits the local streams that would have otherwise overwhelmed the map. The maps shown below better illustrate the abundance of waterways that are an integral part of how I picture and enjoy my home province.

(Click on any picture above to see a slideshow)

With the first map I started with the detail as shown in Charbonneau’s map, I then added more and more waterways (maps 2 and 3) before zooming in to southeast NB (maps 4 to 7). The final two maps include streams and ephemeral flows not included on provincial mapping. I wanted to map the ephemeral flows in particular because it shows how we are all are connected to waterways. As rainwater flows off our rooftops and across our properties it transports nutrients, metals, pesticides, and other contaminants to streams. Here are some ways to help keep our waterways clean.

Credits: The maps use data from the New Brunswick Hydrographic Network and orthophotos supplied by Service New Brunswick and GeoNB.


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